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EAS Systems

With security gates you secure all your products. Whether you have a supermarket, drugstore or a clothing store, alarm gates are the solution to stop shrinkage. Alarm gates also called detection gates are available in all shapes and sizes. At Detepo you have several options. From cheap alarm gates to modern gates with energy savings. All ports are of high quality and available in many types, which fit into every store image.

Different types of alarm gates

Detepo provides various alarm gates. At a drugstore, for example, you have more to an AM alarm port than at, for example, a clothing store where you have more of an RF alarm port. At a drugstore you have many small products where you can stick sticker tags better. At a clothing store it is better to label your clothing with alarm labels.

RF technology

Radio frequency (RF) gates have been used for years to prevent shop theft.

Features of RF alarm ports are:

Wider passages between antennas (up to approximately 200cm, depending on the type of RF system / type of label)
Slim design gates
High detection
Standard frequency 8.2 MHz.
Other frequencies 4.75 MHz, 3.25 MHz, 1.95 MHz, 1.8 MHz.
Advantageous solution
The RF technique is mainly used for clothing security

AM technology

Acoustic-magnetic (AM) ports are particularly suitable for example for drugstores, department stores and for stores that sell hardware and electrical products. No other technology bridges greater distances than AM technology and there is a wide range of modern AM ports.