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Detepo is specialized in retail security. With our years of experience we ensure a safe shop and / or business environment. We supply and install a wide range of store security, ranging from the alarm gates at the entrance to an invisible anti-theft system.

Alarm gates, also called anti-theft gates, are meant to prevent any theft by using security labels on your products. We also supply everything in the field of clothing labels, declabelers, sticker tags and other necessities.


Detepo works together with various companies and suppliers. Some partners of Detepo are: SoloTech, PeopleCounterOnline.

RF technology

Radio frequency (RF) alarm ports have been used for years to prevent shop theft. It is a suitable solution for, for example, clothing stores, department stores and supermarkets. The choice of RF antennas is very wide.

AM technology

Acoustic-magnetic (AM) alarm ports are very suitable for, for example, clothing stores, department stores and shops selling cosmetics, hardware and all kinds of electrical products. No other technology bridges greater distances than AM technology.

Our products and services are suitable for different industries and are of high quality coupled with a competitive price. We help you unburden you so that you can focus on your company.

Request a quotation without obligation. Detepo Winkelbeveiliging guarantees sharp rates but above all the unburdening of the customer. Tel. 020 261 69 35.